About CreativeCliches


Writing is a loner’s job. But creativity can be found even in disorder. Creativecliches celebrates life in all aspects of creativity. The intention is to spread a word, share countless smiles and thoughts as one progresses on their life-path. This blogroll is also for all those who feel they’ve reached the end and want to start fresh. I would be happy to carry some guest articles periodically relating to self-growth, would request those who desire to do so to fill the contact form at the bottom.

I would love to review books and being an author myself would like to share some tips to newbie writers as well. For all those who want to get their book/books reviewed please drop a line or just email the PDF version to justanartist4u@gmail.com. Please note while there will be no charges for reviews, they will happen on a first come – first serve basis. The genres I would be looking to review are Romance, Thriller, Mystery, Women’s Writing,  This blog is one where I bring forth some perspectives of mine as I explore and cross new milestones in life.

The three distinct sections of this blog include my own thoughts or quotes, poetry and deeper insights to the soul and last a blogroll that maps my everyday inspiration. Planning to add two more sections to this, one for Book Reviews and Other for Guest Post.


Celeste Young.


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